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In a world of Aspirations,
Creating a Space for Rejuvenation

There is a lot of Stigma around Mental Health and Stress, and We are changing that by Rejuvenation and Mental DeToxing through Events, Podcasts, Talks and a lot more.

A Global Movement to build a more Mentally DeToxed world

With presence across the Indian Subcontinent, and constantly expanding across the globe,  dToks runs a Top 20 Health podcast(Mental Health), organizes unique therapeutic DeToxing events and runs high-quality communities around Mental Detoxing, rejuvenation, and Mental Health.

Mental Health is associated with a lot of stigma and a lot of our initiatives are focused on building a more open community around mental health

dToks Events synchronize:

Peace, calmness and rejuvenation...

An atmosphere in the middle of a city you know to open arms into an experience unprecedented to anything you have experienced before, 

Join us as we assemble an atmosphere of peace to help you De-Tox and refresh. 

The dToks Philosophy

In a world filled with noise and chaos, The dToks philosophy aims to help you stay mentally healthy by routinely Mental Detoxing.


Meditation and positive vibes


Listening to Influential De-Tox rituals


Return with a Refreshed mindset (De-Tox)

Ask for Help and then, Help

Join the Community

We all go through struggles, very often, all we need is someone to talk to and someone to reach out for help, if you need that or have gone through Mental Health problems or would just like to help others and have a fun conversation in the process, Our community is a really great place to be!

Help your network, and then help the world

Become an Ambassador

If you would like to help your network, Our four week ambassador program is a coalition of fun conversations and lots of impact and is fit for anyone, High School Students, Working professionals, or Businessmen

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We let sound do the Talking

Listening has amazing power over watching. It empowers thinking and embraces the inner eyes of introspection.

Watching has come to be one of the biggest ways of learning but we believe that real power is in the sound and just the sound…

The movements and the walking should not be a distraction from the core message.