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In a world of Aspirations,
Making Rejuvenation a Routine

On a quest to create change and #BreakTheStigma through Rejuvenation and Mental DeToxing through Premium Events, Podcasts, Talks and a lot more.

A Global Movement to build a more Mentally DeToxed world

With our physical presence in over 8 countries, We run a Top 20 Health Podcast, Organize Therapeutic DeToxing events and run Curated Communities around Mental Detoxing.
We dedicate a Major Portion of our efforts towards Mental Health Community Welfare, Working at any given time with 200+ Volunteers

dToks Events synchronize:

Peace, Calmness and Rejuvenation...

Peace, calmness and rejuvenation...

dToks Events are organized in the midst of Busy cities, Curating an Unprecedented atmosphere of Rejuvenation through assembling World leaders, Gurus, Nature and foot massages to help you DeTox. 

Help your network, and then help the world

Community Welfare programs

Our 2- 4 week Community Welfare Program is a coalition of fun conversations while helping people, and lots of impact and is fit for anyone, High School Students, Working professionals, or Businesspeople.

It is well established that mental illness has deleterious personal, social, and economic consequences for individuals, families, and society. Mental health stigma Read More
There comes a point in life when you feel like you are stuck in limbo. Things are happening in your life, you Read More

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We let Sound do the Talking

Listening has amazing power over watching. It empowers thinking and embraces the inner eyes of introspection.

Watching has come to be one of the biggest ways of learning but we believe that real power is in the sound and just the sound…

The movements and the walking should not be a distraction from the core message.

Our Initiatives have presence in

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We have hosted Top Executives and leaders from:

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