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Kunal Chandiramani

RSS DeTox with dToks | Rejuvenation Routinely – Mental Health
  • Trekking through Ideas | Tejas Vyas, Head of Product - Big basket November 25, 2020
    The 38th episode of dToks features Tejas Vyas, Head of Product and an early member of the now unicorn status, BigBasket as he talks about 1. Grit of the heart is what finally matters 2. Trekking gives a lasting perspective on life 3. Internal benchmarks are the core of work life balance
  • Cultivating Relations and Building a Wholesome Culture | Bhavya Sharma- Head, PR - Urban Company November 18, 2020
    The 37th episode of dToks features Bhavya Sharma, Head of PR, Communication and Brand partnerships for Urban Company. In this episode, she talks about cooking, watching Netflix, listening to music and some Extra sleep as her DeTox Rituals
  • Leadership at it's best | Vivek Sharma - Managing Director, Panasonic India November 11, 2020
    The 36th episode of dToks features Vivek Sharma, the managing director of Panasonic India. He talks about his DeTox mechanism, effective communication, building super healthy employee-employer relationships and alot more. He also shares more on his leadership approach and what's at the core, Discussing the philosophy that helped built his outlook.
  • Embracing Uncertainty | Anil Bhasin - President, Havells November 4, 2020
    The 35th episode of dToks features Anil Bhasin, the President of Havells India limited and a passionate motivational speaker. In this episode, he talks about the purpose of life and the ultimate power of our 'willpower'.
  • Impacting half a billion people | Sindhuu Govindarajan - Global Marketing Manager Haircare, Unilever October 28, 2020
    The 34th episode of dToks features Sindhuu Govindarajan, Head of Marketing for a Haircare brand at Unilever. In this episode, she talks about the integration of work and personal life, her passion for travelling, and exploring outside comfort. She speaks about how playing basketball enhances her productivity and her love for expressing thoughts through words.
  • Racing against Stereotypes | Mira Erda October 21, 2020
    The 33rd episode of dToks features Mira Erda, the first Indian female racer to win internationally in Formula Four. In this episode, she talks about how she broke the gender stereotypes and became the first Indian woman to race internationally. She speaks about her supportive family and her passion for racing.
  • Lifestyle - The New Religion, Holistic Living | Luke Coutinho - Globally Renowned Wellness Expert October 14, 2020
    The 32nd episode of dToks features Luke Coutinho, A Globally Renowned Holistic Lifestyle Experts. In this episode, he talks about adopting a simple holistic approach in life. He shares his views on embracing life, the importance of good sleep and the laws of nature. He also talks about the very essential 4 pillars of lifestyle […]
  • It's okay, nobody has really figured it out! | Jayadevan PK - Evangelist at Freshworks October 7, 2020
    The 31st episode of dToks features Jayadevan PK, evangelist at Freshworks for Startups, One of the best known Twitter influencers in India and a columnist on MoneyControl, he earlier co-founded Factor Daily. In this episode, he talks about his journey, all the way from a college student, to giving away resumes. He shares his views […]
  • Establishing Meaningful connections at work | Arun Vijayan September 30, 2020
    The 30th episode of dToks features Arun Vijayan, One of the Top 100 Managers in India according to Forbes and an S&P Global Rising Star. In this episode, he talks about his management style and how he usually tackles a difference of opinion in the workplace. He shares his views on the employer- employees relationship […]
  • A journey through the universe | Lina Ahsar August 19, 2020
    The 29th Episode of dToks features Lina Ashar, the founder of Kangaroo Kids Preschools and Billabong High International Schools. In this episode, she talks about the relationship Between Parents and Kids, the importance of prioritising Mental Health above anything else and the power of now. She shares her journey and recounts about how she was […]