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Mental Health


Its been long that Mental Health has not been looked at as a serious problem in alot of places and we are looking to change that and our ambassadors lead the movement at local and national levels
Help your network be Mentally Healthy, and then Help the whole world…

The program is temporally paused

Join the Program:

  • Take a Stand Against Stigma..!
    When we think of our well-being, how often do we direct our focus to mental health? ‘Mental health’ is synonymous to ‘Voldemort’: both terms have stigma attached that prevents people from speaking about them. However, with our ambassador program, we aim to turn the tide.
  • Powered by the young.!
    The ambassador program is made by the Young, for the Young. Young people are powered by energy to make the world better, however, they are put in combat with stereotypes of judging every time they try doing something epic. We invite you to take an active stance for Mental Heath.

    We are Young at the core and look for people mirroring the same, with a big dose of buoyant energy, to create a long-lasting impact on society.
    No age restrictions: you're young as long as your mindset is!

The ambassadorship is classically 2 months, after which it still can be continued if offered the ‘lifetime ambassadorship’. Alternatively, a 1 month model is also adopted commonly and as per your comfort, let us know by Mentioning it in the application form.

Yes, The Ambassadorship qualifies as an internship and the certificate should be valid while applying, in your resume or to complete mandatory internship hours.

LifeTime ambassadorship is a selective program for our most enthusiastic ambassadors, in which they are offered to stay as a LifeTime ambassador until whenever they wish  and although there are no obligations, they are closely in touch with and are kept in the loop for events, are offered the opportunity to lead events and other growth within their city. They continue to represent dToks and Mental Health Awareness until they are associated and are amongst our first contacts within their city, This is a highly exclusive program.