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Grateful to have you as a guest and for agreeing to share your experiences on the dToks Podcast,

We hereby kindly inform you that

  • All the interviews are not published on the podcast – in case of any issues, we will keep you informed.
  • The interviews shall be in the English Language only; if there is a specific requirement, dToks has the right to record the interview in other languages.       
  • We provide a transcript of questions that will serve as a guide for the conversation.
  • We publish an interview only after reviewing it in accordance with the dToks policy and community standards and making sure that not only does it add value to the listener but delivers a DeToxing.
  • Your interview will be edited, we do not send edits for approval. if required to go through, you could intimidate earlier.
  • The audio quality matters, therefore we request you to use a good mic (NOT a built-in computer mic or mobile phone headset) and be talking from a quiet place.
  • Only dToks has the right to reproduce and distribute the podcast interview (in whole or in part) to the public using any current or future technology, in any format, including but not limited to Audio, Animation or/and Video. This includes any platform, Offline or Online.
  • dToks encourages you as a guest to share the interview, however, we do not force you to do this, unlike other podcasts.
  • An animated section from the podcast will be provided by dToks which is shareable. You as the guest should intimidate us if you would want us to edit or make video according to any requirements.
  • These Interviews should not be used or shared at on any platform where there is a chance of copyright violation.

You as the guest agree to this interview and understand the above.

Key Points

  • Headset mic
  • Quiet room
  • Good quality internet connection
  • Close any bandwidth hogs such as Dropbox, Chrome tabs etc
  • Have fun!