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“Social media addiction” is irrational overuse of social media. Social media platforms often earn income when people visit and use more. For this reason, their aim is to keep people on the platform. At a glance, this sounds like something one must heavily avoid. However, your time is your own. Therefore, social media addiction is not a question of the amount of time, but of self-control and self-discipline.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to make rational choices in social media usage due to lack of time management in quarantine. Excess use of social media leads to an addiction. We use it to relieve us from boredom and get rid of stress.


The symptoms of this addiction is similar to harmful habits:

  • Abstractedness
  • Seeing as a way to get rid of Negative Thoughts
  • Have Trouble when prohibited to use
  • To harm the time devoted to work

How to get Rid of it?

We can get rid of this addiction by reviewing our understanding of social media. It also depends on our expectation from social media. Today, social media is a platform where many people can earn. We can organize these platforms according to our own sector, and select the people we follow according to the relevant fields of our sector.

In this way, you can make your time in social media much more valuable for yourself and your business. The higher quality of interaction with people on social media will make you a more motivated and happier person.

Our Habits affect our Social Media Addiction

Our hobbies are at the top of our habits that really relax and relieve us of stress. There is no place to find that much content about your hobbies except social media platforms. Linking your hobby areas and social media accounts will definitely strengthen your creativity.

Social media has many possibilities for you to ask questions to professional people with content that you can find inspiration. One of them is dtkos, which is full of helpful information and interesting stories about your mental health.

It is in our hands to organize things that take our time through rational choices and time management. Let’s try using social media effectively, rather than getting rid of it altogether. We are here to solve, not to restrict!

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1 year ago

Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to new articles 🙂

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