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So what’s hot these days? A question we ask when we wake up and see what’s going on in the world except for COVID19, of course! We go through a lot of things like celebrity gossips, global news etc. Nonetheless, unemployment nowadays is a hot topic. Many people end up taking their due to this issue. And that is what we’re going to discuss today, ‘Unemployment and Suicide Rates ‘

Unemployment and Suicide Rates

Unfortunately, a lot of people in the world commit suicide because of unemployment issue or due to the pressure to get employed. In life, you can either face your problems or just ignore them. But the sad thing is that people choose the third and the worst option-SUICIDE! So let’s look at how employment pressure and suicide rates are interrelated.

According to a Stress Pulse survey, excessive workload (46%) and interpersonal issues (28%) are the leading reasons for workplace stress. The reasons for these job pressure-related suicide cases are readily apparent. Not getting a job produces a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, two key symptoms of depression. Is it any wonder the incidence of depression and suicide are higher in individuals who are jobless versus those who are just overly stressed?

Consequences of Depression Caused

Wherever rates of depression are highest, the rates of suicide are too. When severe, not getting a job causes individuals to disengage from friends, and eventually even family members. The resulting feeling is the one of isolation. Loneliness replaces connection through detachment. Failure of securing a job blunts positive emotions. More so, accumulation of anger and resentment instigates feeling low. As an aside, individuals inadvertently amplify the symptoms of burnout with drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviours as they attempt to lessen the emotional impact of not getting a job.

Since drug and alcohol use/addiction negatively impacts the central nervous system and causes depression, this can result in a downward spiral towards a total uncontrolled self-destructive behaviour. The situation worsens as the symptoms of burnout increase and the depression deepens. When the depression deepens, suicidal thoughts might take place and technically clouding your mind. These thoughts rule over it.

Globally 800,000 people die from suicide every year out of which almost 67% are young age group. In fact, suicide is one of the leading cause of death in countries like India, USA, South Korea, Ukraine and many more. Here is a report of 2016 showing the suicide rates in India. Recently, unemployment and suicide rates have increased in the quarantine period.

Unemployment and suicide rates

What Can be Done?

People must understand that suicide is not a solution. There are many ways to overcome fear, depression and the feeling of isolation. For instance, reach out to your closest family member or your best friend to open up about how you feel. If you are failing then the option to try again is always in the picture. Moreover, engaging yourself in what makes you the happiest is always a remedy. Going to a therapist is always an option. Therefore, there are numerous ways through which you can nurture your best self.

Things can be really hard at times, many of us understand. Nothing is more important than your mental health, never ever place it on sidelines. Ending your life was never a solution or an option. Suicide doesn’t end your pain, it passes on to people left behind. Such as your family, people close to you, people who care about you. What about your mum? What about your dad? Have you ever given it a thought how will they live without you? If not, please do.

Last but not the least, believe in yourself, stay strong and always keep your door open for better things to come along the way. We love you, we are there for you when nobody will be. Remember God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.

Edited by: Prapti Kakkar


we are Ayesha and Warda Ayesha likes music(especially Lana Del Rey &Harry Styles) and debating is her hobby!! Warda likes coffee and Justin Bieber and her hobby is writing!!

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