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Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has shaken the country. There are articles and speculations about the reasons behind his death. Certain media is blaming his recent ‘failed’ Bollywood movies. At the same time, others are talking about how his suicide came out of nowhere. However, if you search for Sushant Singh Rajput and his struggle with mental health, almost nothing shows up.

That is where we fail, as a community. Mental health is not talked about. Even when Sushant Singh Rajput tried to hint at his mental health struggles in this article, it was glossed over. The focus was shifted towards the glamour associated with the life of a celebrity, and Western culture.

Why Don’t we Talk about Mental Health

Why do we refrain from talking about mental health?

Firstly, mental health is equated to struggles and issues. Mental health is interchangeable with depression, suicide, anxiety and other problems. However, that is false. Mental health is simply the health of your mind. Like high/low blood pressure is an issue of the body, depression is an issue of the mind. Therefore, mental health is not just issues, but overall wellness of the mind.

In addition, people tend to think that mental health is inherently negative. While it is not so all the time, it does get dark sometimes. As a community, however, we tend to step over the mess, don’t we? We want to be happy all the time. But, at what cost?

Embracing the ‘Dark Side’

During the French Revolution, France trampled over its ugliness. The dark streets of rural Paris were far from desirable. But covering it falsely did not make it go away. The ‘ugliness’ remained a part of France, just like it is today.

Talks about mental health are synonymous to the dark underworld of Paris during the French Revolution. They are difficult to be around, but they are real. Mental health is a part of us, just like the underworld belongs to Paris, no matter the ignorance surrounding it.

Sadly, Sushant Singh Rajput is not the only person to succumb to their mental health struggles. Many people look for help and support in various places. However, our society is not aware of ways to approach mental health.

Mental Health in Communities

Mental Health in Communities

Safe mental health practices need to be talked about. Awareness needs to be common, and someone needs to undertake an initiative to get people talking about mental health.

A network of people who are willing to help the people around them is the perfect way to move forward. People belonging to the same race, ethnicity or background can form a protective environment for their own. Knowing the struggles of their own community, they can help their people.

United we Stand

We need to realize the power of community. People should know that they are not alone in their mental health struggles. There is always someone who will provide moral support. There is always someone who will help you through your difficulties. Also, there is always someone who won’t judge you, but just listen and love you. This ‘someone’ comes from a place of awareness, compassion and love for humanity.

We extend our condolences to Sushant Singh Rajput’s loved ones. As a society, we may have failed him. However, we can learn from our mistakes and work towards mental health awareness and give it as much importance as it deserves

Priyanka Srinivas

Priyanka Srinivas

Priyanka is a bubbly adult who is in love with anything literature. More often than not, you will find her curled up with a book, or at her desk. She is always writing something. Also, contrary to popular stereotype, she is extremely social and loves a gathering as much as the next person. You can distract her from reading by laying a booby trap with coffee!

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Abu Rumi
Abu Rumi
3 years ago

Outstanding Sharing! Insightful one

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