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Engineering has always come with its own stigmas. It is an over saturated stream and a lot of people are against it, yet they gravitate towards it because it has a high job-guarantee. Such people, who do not enter en engineering college because they were particularly passionate about it, are very apprehensive about the entire experience. However, you can relax! Engineering is nothing like they tell you, including the pressure that comes along with it. Balancing this pressure in college all by yourself is what actually matters.

What Pressure will you Face, Initially?

In your initial days, you’ll see that college is nothing like what you see in Bollywood movies. You will have a regular timetable: filled with lectures from morning to evening, which you will have to attend to maintain your attendance.

Like any other college, you’ll see groups of peers being formed. If you have an old friend with you, it is a relief initially but if not, you can make your own friends! People are not stuck-up or extremely bookish, in these colleges. They are as welcoming as you want them to be! However, the process of making friends can be intimidating sometimes.

The initial stress will be about maintaining a routine and finding the right group of friends.

Which type of Friends to Choose?

Choosing friends is important for balancing pressure

Well, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” This quote is quite true. You’ll feel so much pressure about choosing the right group, in the beginning. You will spend many days stressing about completing college assignments and making friends simultaneously. However, you can choose any group, anyone you like to be around.

Just take the first step to approach people and get to know them. It might take more time than usual, as engineering comes with its reputed workload. Slowly but surely, you will know if you are having fun with them or not. It will take time but you will end up with people of your kind. You have 4 years, after all!

And the special part about engineering is, these friends are for life. You will spend many nights staying up and studying, and your friends will be your primary support system. Because of the bonding that engineering enforces, it’s safe to say that these friends are here to stay!

How to Make the Best Decisions in College?

Balance! Yes, Be in whichever group you want, but create a balance between studies and chilling. If you spend 4 years of your life just studying and running after marks, you’ll miss the fun that this college life has to offer. And if you go in geeks or chill group of friends, you might get distracted with your studies. Failing in exams, getting backlogs is not what you want as well! This will not only affect your career but also your mental health. So create a balance between studies and all the chilling, hanging around and bunking. Balancing pressure in college is an important art to learn.

Finding balance in all activities

How to Create a Balance?

Stop stressing, start progressing. Firstly, create a mindset that you want to focus on yourself and create a balance between studies and fun. Excess of anything is harmful. Attend lectures. This important. Know what is being taught in the class. If you don’t want to make notes, then at least be attentive in the lectures so that you’ll know the topics to study before exams. If you bunk some of the classes, no problem, still know what was being taught in those lectures. Don’t be a nerd but don’t be a lost star too. Dwelling on the middle ground and balancing pressure in college is beneficial in long run.

Hang out with friends, chill with them, spend time with them but never make it a continuous habit. It’s okay to say NO sometimes. Learn to say no to people that affect your mental health negatively. Create a balance between career and personal life. Most importantly, in all scenarios, prioritize yourself and your interests!

There’s always going to be a lot of pressure in life due to academics or being socially active. All the years, students feel pressure about submitting assignments, getting good marks, passing in every semester, making good friends, choosing the right peer groups, avoiding wrong peer pressure, placements etcetera. But the student who keeps a balance of all the pressure and mental health wins the race!

So, believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes, let go of wrong decisions and keep moving forward.

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