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Not all forms of attacks leave bruises, some of them scar you in a way that changes you. One such attack is ‘bullying’. Bullying someone has damaging repercussions on mental health. We all have either been bullied or been a bully at some point in our life.

Make a joke on the fat kid and everyone laughs at your joke. Everyone thinks that you’re funny. However, have you ever tried a different perspective?

How will the fat kid feel when he/she is constantly being reminded that, something is wrong with them just because they have some extra pounds? It changes them, trust me. As someone who has been through this, I understand.

Bullying | repercussions | mental health


Every time you look in the mirror, you are reminded of all the times, someone called you fat, or worse. Your brain just starts to go through scenarios. Questions emerge in your head:

  • “Am I not okay?” “
  • “I need to stop eating and try to lose weight”
  • “Why does everyone always make fun of me?”


Consequently, the bullied kid works on changing the aspects that instigate the bullying. For instance, he stops eating, he stops talking in the class because they know that people cannot keep a conversation with him without calling him fat. So, school becomes a hell for that kid. He feels lonely, isolated, he develops an inferiority complex. As a result, thinks that he is not as good as others.

Superficially, he might look okay. But what is going on in his head? Slowly, all of this is getting the best of his peace of mind. Consequently, the attack takes place in his mind and starts affecting his Mental Health. Repercussions of bullying are such that they can deteriorate your Mental Health, fill you with doubts, leave you alone in the corner.


It comes in many forms, be it calling someone fat or skinny and attacking their self-esteem. Nowadays, cyber bullying is rampant, which is yet another foe. People take social media very seriously. They keep thinking what people are saying about them. Here are some basic harmful statements:

  • “She’s so fake.”
  • “That angle makes her look fat.”
  • “Oh, he’s such a wannabe.”
  • “Damn, he’s ugly.”

The LGBT community members are constantly bullied and made fun of because of the way they choose to live their life. Sadly, it doesn’t stop there. People of all shapes, sizes (thin, fat, tall, short), color are victims of bullying.

On dToks, many people have spoken out about bullying in their life. While speaking, they have described what it feels like. In addition, they have taken jabs to understand the mind of a bully.


A bully attacks on the vulnerability of a person. They might think that the they are just joking. However, they are attacking the vulnerability of a person. Poking around the discomforting aspects of a person’s image can cause severe damage. Hence, one might think that a little joking around won’t hurt much, But no one can imagine the impact it has on a person.


Bullied people take their own time to recover. In fact, some take really long as they fail to overcome it, In worst cases, some do not recover and take up drastic measures like self-harm, or suicide.

Help the builled around you, stand up for them. That is what they need, to fight back. Also, be a better person. Instead of demotivating others, try to motivate others bring out the best in themselves.

“You will never reach higher ground if you are always pushing others down.”

Jeffrey Benjamin

Disclaimer: If you are being bullied, please reach out to us or a professional to help you.

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