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Placement-Career; Dilemma, Anxiety, Ways to overcome

By far, a large number of teenagers in India suffer mental disturbance caused by study pressure arousing from the dilemma of choice between placement and pursuit of career goals. Weary of such anguish, according to the media reports, in India, every hour one student commits suicide. Although this issue has been sidelined, there is still a dire need to figure out its root causes to chase this problem off.

In India, generally, institutions hold a market position in the mind of students for two key reasons:

  1. A legacy for the good academic performance of its students and a good curriculum.
  2. Placement opportunities with reputed companies.

Universities, focusing on the performance of the students commonly place international students through various scholarship schemes (i.e. ICCR, and many more). Whereas, those universities, known for providing placement opportunities, primarily enrol local students, since many of them prefer on-campus placement.

Most of the Indian students often change their field of study usually for on-campus placement. For example, a student who holds a bachelor’s degree in science will opt to pursue their higher studies in the MBA, which is entirely a different course and strenuous to pursue. This is because of the lack of job security in non-professional fields.

The Current Scenario

Career Placement Dilemma

While there are genuine concerns about the dilemma of choice between career and placement, institutions capitalize this confusion of students. In whole, institutions, to grab students’ attention, try to make the best education facilities available for students and offer guidance concerning the overall formalities and procedure of job application. However, many students still complain about the on-campus placement in terms of the validity of the companies that these students get placed in.

Since many of the final year students of professional fields who are already placed in some companies. However, neither the respective colleges provide them with the no-objection certificate (NOC) to allow them to join the company and exempt them from attending the regular classes, nor that particular company takes care of the candidates in case they face any difficulty in the formalities. Ultimately, the students get stranded in stressful times and end up either being mentally depressed or put an end to their lives. Nonetheless, institutions claim they have collaboration with reputed companies that are considered to be helpful for the career of students. On the contrary, students remain in an unsolvable dilemma regarding their career and placement.

Issues Concerning Career

One of the most depressing mental issues that thwart a student’s willingness to contemplate further the career goals is the lack of proper career guidance. Being new to the advanced academic climate many students direly need a piece of expert advice to direct and help them clear up their cynicism related to choosing a career. With the change in the level of education, every student faces a daunting challenge to decide his/her career.

Placement Issues

Getting an on-campus placement is unequivocally easy. Due to latter termination cases, many students complain about their jobs. That is perhaps because of the downsizing taking place in the company or the candidate fails to fulfil the responsibilities assigned to him/her. Another problem that deters the intention of students to decide about the on-campus placement is the salary. Many times, those entering into the corporate environment, have complaints that the salary being paid to them is lesser than that promised in the offer letter. Whereas, the company’s HR counter argues they have to deduct the tax and other additional charges from the salary.

Further, as India is home to a large number of the poor population, bearing a more significant unemployment issue. Many students, therefore, have to take educational loans to earn higher degrees on. Finding on-campus placement comes at the top in their priority list. Theirbeseeching tone of language about finding a job is obsessed with how to find a job. Hence, it leads to mental disturbance.

Ways to overcome

  • Attending workshops on emotional intelligence and mental health.
  • Focusing on enhancing their own skills to unearth the hidden talents make good use of those skills.
  • Parents must encourage their kids to pursue a career in the field of their interest.
  • Practical knowledge of theoretical concepts should be a must.
  • Meditation, yoga, and exercise are the best ways to chase off anxiety.

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Isha Arora
Isha Arora
3 years ago

Well done humayun ✨ Congratulations ?

3 years ago

Well written

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