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Technology is taking over our lives. Everything is transitioning to online, from buying electronics, fashion wears, products, and daily groceries. Big companies like TCS and Twitter have already announced that a huge percentage (75%) of their employees will be working from home now on. However, moving things online brings its unique baggage of drawbacks. As for stress, here is how to de-stress during work from home conditions.


Unplugging after work

Yeah! Astonishing, isn’t it? People tend to overwork when they are working from home. For remote workers, the line is a blur between their personal life and work-life.

If work is all-consuming, the worker is far more likely to burn out, even if the person loves what he does. Eventually, this will decrease his/her productivity which can further lead to more mental disturbance.

Ways to De-stress

First of all, make your workplace distraction-free. Let it be Rubik’s cube, ping pong ball, or any other distractions from family. Secondly, if you have the resources, it is better to use different gadgets for work life and personal life. If you complete your work without disturbance, you will get a feeling of accomplishment which will help you be satisfied with work. Additionally, it will convince your brain to log off.

You can listen to good music or a rejuvenating podcast to de-stress during a work from home session.

Fear of being ignored

There is just a constant, even tacit flow of information running through the office. At least it feels like that, and that is comforting. On the other hand, remote workers can have feel ignored. As a result, employees tend to overthink it and get stressed.

Way to De-stress

There is only one way to not be ignored at work i.e. to make noise. Now it depends on you, how to make that noise. Essentially, there are two fundamental ways for it. For instance, you can make literal noise. On the other hand, you can make slow progress. Take your time to get used to working from your home.

Collaboration and Communication

When everyone is sitting in the same office, it’s easy to bother anyone for anything at any time. You connect with people instantly and get your doubts cleared and get back to work. Additionally, you also come to an end having a nice chat with your colleague.

However, such constant communication through a digital medium may seem extremely difficult. Coming over this long-lasting habit may be frustrating. Soon, you will start to feel disconnected. This may lead to the departure of your interest from work, affecting your mental health.

Way to De-stress

There are numerous mediums that make communication between employees easy and simple. You need to overcome that it is not the software learning that you think may slow you down, but your mental barrier that previous habits have enforced upon us which may stop you from making progress. Remember that it will take time to create new habits that will benefit in the long run. Some examples include:

  • walking up early
  • exercising everyday
  • reading at least 20 mins per day
  • cleaning once a week

Just like these habits, electronic communication takes time to adapt to. Ask your superior or even a colleague to take an informal class for you to be able to adapt. Do not be discouraged, it’s a journey!

What stresses people during work from home.
Source: Buffer – State of Remote Report

Lastly, remember the non-negotiables in your life: sleep, food, and hygiene. Do not let these be compromised for even five more minutes of work.

Above all, keeping strict barriers between the time at home and the time at work is of utmost importance. This will help reduce the stress from one seeping into the other. Remember, doing great work with great people is one of the most durable sources of happiness.

Edited by: Priyanka Srinivas



I am currently pursuing bachelor's degree in Science from Mithibai College, Mumbai. I like reading books particularly on self-improvement and fiction. Ambassador at Dtoks | Talk that detox

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