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It is quite difficult to succeed in anything in one go. On the other hand, no one said it is impossible. It takes drop after drop to fill the jar, so let us learn how to divide 24 hours for optimal mental health.



Generally, most successful people leave their bed before 6 a.m., and meditate. However, if you are a night person, that is okay too! Find a part of the day that you feel overwhelmed in, and use a 5-minute breather to restore yourself.

Meditation is the best medicine for your mental stress. It helps with memory power, concentration, calmness. Meditation helps you to find inner peace.

Time Slotting

Before starting your day, always make a list of your goals. Goals can range from working on a small project or decluttering your desk. Furthermore, try to analyze most important goals and work accordingly. Achievement of any kind releases the happy hormones in your brain. And you can achieve the most if you slot your day.

Here is what my slotting looks like:

  • Edit two blogs – 2 hours
  • Do 3 paragraphs of french – 2 hours
  • Complete computers assignment – 1 hour

Now, I know that the above three tasks are time-sensitive. Moreover, completing them will give me that sense of achievement.

Eating Well

It is very difficult to have meal on time in today’s hectic life. However, you can try by using the above time slotting technique to schedule your meals. If you eat on time, you will feel more relaxed and happy.

Reading Regularly

A day without reading is a day wasted. Books teach you many things in life. But people have many ways to avoid books. For instance, they tend to say that they cannot make the time to read physical books. Another ready excuse is, “Stories bore me!”

Why, audiobooks are abundant today. You can gain your regular quota of knowledge from a well-narrated audiobook. Secondly, there are so many genres to choose from. Every word printed or narrated has a lesson for you, and there are many ways to take advantage of that. Therefore, make books your companion.

Connecting Humanly

It is very important to talk with your loved ones. They can be family, friends, or a mentor. Anyone. As a result of a healthy conversation, you will feel quite peaceful and fulfilled. In addition, sharing is the most important thing to stay away from depression. It also helps immensely to maintain a healthy mental state.

Sleeping Well

If you sleep your full six-eights hours, only then will you be ready to face the music. Know the amount of sleep you require to feel full of energy the next day. You do not need to be productive. However, lack of energy weighs down on you. There are many aspects of physical health that directly affect mental health.

Sleep is one such vital aspect. Therefore, knowing the hours of sleep you require, and sticking to it, will prove to be extremely helpful to maintain mental health.

To gather motivation and enhance your mental health, listen to inspirational stories and connect with many people.

If you are able to manage your daily 24 hours for optimal mental health, you will keep your brain healthy. Above all, it will help you to avoid negative emotions and feelings. It was also lend the necessary balance to your day, and hence your life.

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