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Now that online school is in full swing for almost all phases of education, students are adjusting to a new method of learning. However, this method contrasts with a lot of lifestyle choices preferred by students. For example, campus-life has always been essential for a college student. However, children are stuck at home with hours of an online class to sit through.

The stress that comes along with this continuous exposure to a screen is subtle, but it weights down in the grand scheme of things. In addition, online class translates to a deteriorated quality of life. It really distorts the lines between personal life and education/work. And we all know how much harm imbalance causes, and the importance of the fine line of balance.

Factors to Avoid Stress

Like all problems, the stress caused by online classes is avoidable. There are many measures that you can take to make your life attending online class easier.

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Keep your Regular Routine

Waking up at 8:59 am for a 9 am class and joining Google Meet from your phone is the most convenient choice. However, maintaining the routine that you had before this massive shutdown simulates normalcy.

Firstly, you will be better prepared to pay attention in class. Secondly, you will get a massive headstart on your day, which will help in framing your 24 hours according to you. It will definitely feel better after being aimless for so long. Lastly, it will help you maintain the boundaries between your two lives: personal and academic.

What boundaries, you might ask.

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Set Boundaries

Why would you choose this specifically demotivating time to take your classes from bed? We are all perfectly capable of being active in class. In fact, that is the norm we followed, before online school took over. So nothing is stopping us now.

Our body physically reacts to the environment it is set in. Taking a class from bed or doing any other non-rest activities in bed will be very harmful. It will not let your brain work to its fullest potential, as your brain associates the bed with rest and being laid back.

Find yourself a good desk that you can do all your college work. It really helps.

Take Breaks

And no, rest does not mean watching YouTube at your desk in the twenty-minute break between classes.

Managing stress as you pursue your online education can often be as simple as taking a break. Sitting in one spot for hours on end as you learn online isn’t good for your mind or your body. Stand up and stretch. Go for a walk. Annoy your mother or sibling by doing something silly yet funny. There are many things to get you out of your desk.

Taking a break doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavour. It’s an easy, effective way to manage the stress that, like exercise, will give your mood a boost.

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Parallel Online School

We are used to attending classes with a friend by our side. We tend to pass comments related to the class. Sometimes, talking to a friend about the coursework is what helps you retain information. And many times, this makes for the most memorable events. However, isolation has taken that away from us. But, we can stimulate that too!

On days that you feel especially unmotivated or lonely, set up a parallel video call with your friends as the class is being conducted. Pay attention in the class, and whenever you wish to discuss something with a friend, you can talk in your private group call!

Keep in mind that this method can be easily misused. It is completely up to you to pay proper attention to online school. However, in days that you need companionship, this method definitely works!

Check-in with yourself

The stress you can feel when pursuing any kind of higher education, online or off, can creep up on you. Trouble sleeping, a rapid heartbeat, depression, poor concentration, and many symptoms of stress can all increase.

Take a moment to regularly check in with yourself to gauge how you’re feeling, physically and mentally, then incorporate the stress management techniques that work best for you.

In the end, online school is what you make of it. Granted, it is difficult to acquaint yourself with this kind of learning at first. However, it does grow on you. In the end, this is the way of life for the foreseeable future. So it is best to find a routine that will help you transition from in-person to online education seamlessly.

dToks wishes you all the best for your online classes!

Edited by: Priyanka Srinivas

Priyanka Srinivas

Priyanka Srinivas

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