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Mental Health experiences that denote soulful insights


Effects of Instagram on Mental Health

As the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram rises, a question is often raised. Can Instagram have an effect on your mental health? While there are arguments to be made on either side, this is still a raging debate that seems to have no end. It is true […]
work life balance

Balancing Pressure in College: Engineering Edition

Engineering has always come with its own stigmas. It is an over saturated stream and a lot of people are against it, yet they gravitate towards it because it has a high job-guarantee. Such people, who do not enter en engineering college because they were particularly passionate about it, are […]

Coping with Academic Anxiety- Stepping into College

At some point in our lives, we’ve had to leave behind a familiar chapter and start a new one. There are many feelings that come along with a drastic change, such as nostalgia and fear of the unknown. However, there are a few negative feelings that can plague any fresh […]
ol school

Online School: Overcoming Stress

Now that online school is in full swing for almost all phases of education, students are adjusting to a new method of learning. However, this method contrasts with a lot of lifestyle choices preferred by students. For example, campus-life has always been essential for a college student. However, children are […]

Emotional Intelligence – A Stepping Stone towards Mental Well-Being

Emotions are the language of a subconscious mind. Therefore, there are hidden messages in every emotion. When we identify them, understand how they serve us, and act upon them, we become emotionally intelligent.  Dr Goleman described emotional intelligence as a person’s ability to manage and express their feelings appropriately. It […]
depression warriors

Depression Warriors

Depression is an ace manipulator. Depression lies! It spins negative stories and makes you think these tall tales are cold, sad, hard realities. It urges you into accepting that individuals and things no longer hold value for you. Entangled into intense negativity you feel you cannot defeat depression and live […]