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Mental Health experiences that denote soulful insights


Bullying: Repercussions on Mental Health

Not all forms of attacks leave bruises, some of them scar you in a way that changes you. One such attack is ‘bullying’. Bullying someone has damaging repercussions on mental health. We all have either been bullied or been a bully at some point in our life. Make a joke […]

How-To: Divide 24 Hours for Optimal Mental Health

It is quite difficult to succeed in anything in one go. On the other hand, no one said it is impossible. It takes drop after drop to fill the jar, so let us learn how to divide 24 hours for optimal mental health. TIPS AND TRICKS Generally, most successful people […]

Social Media Addiction: Take Control

“Social media addiction” is irrational overuse of social media. Social media platforms often earn income when people visit and use more. For this reason, their aim is to keep people on the platform. At a glance, this sounds like something one must heavily avoid. However, your time is your own. […]

A Teacher’s Guide to Help Students with Mental Health

Young adults spend most of their time in school. A teacher’s duty is to guide students with ethics, morals and physical health. As a result, teachers are often the first to notice mental health problems in children. Mental health is more than dark rooms and crying endlessly to sad songs. […]

Domestic Violence: A Shadow Pandemic

We are in a pandemic that forces us to stay at home. However, for a large number of people, there is a shadow pandemic at home too: domestic violence. Let’s look at the stats which led us to take a deep dive in this topic. France experienced a 36% increase […]