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Mental Health experiences that denote soulful insights

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Community Mental Health: Importance and Impact

The importance of community mental health in the life of a student can’t be understated. We can observe that right from the initial days of schooling they are tasked with balancing their academics with the co-curricular activities. Instead of acting as a creative outlet for students, the co-curricular activities turn […]

Personality Development of Children: A Detailed Insight

Personality development in children starts with understanding what personality is. Personality is defined as a characteristic set of behaviours, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. However, in layman’s language personality of a person can be defined as the way a person reacts in a particular […]
Take Care of Yourself

Be Yourself: Self-Care and Development

One of the most essential ways to stay happy and growing is to focus on investing in yourself and self-improvement. We get so caught up in other responsibilities that we forget all about self-care and development. We would rather do things for others than ourselves. In the short term, it […]

How to De-Stress—Work From Home and Detox

Technology is taking over our lives. Everything is transitioning to online, from buying electronics, fashion wears, products, and daily groceries. Big companies like TCS and Twitter have already announced that a huge percentage (75%) of their employees will be working from home now on. However, moving things online brings its […]
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Suicide Prevention: Help and Helplines

The topic, ‘Suicide Prevention’ is undoubtedly an elephant in the room. Though the stigma associated with openly talking about mental health issues have faded in recent years, the hesitation in discussing them is deep-rooted and continues to persist. Many people, rather than acknowledging the problems or issues they face, tend […]