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Mental Health experiences that denote soulful insights


How to De-Stress—Work From Home and Detox

Technology is taking over our lives. Everything is transitioning to online, from buying electronics, fashion wears, products, and daily groceries. Big companies like TCS and Twitter have already announced that a huge percentage (75%) of their employees will be working from home now on. However, moving things online brings its […]
Female hands with text SUICIDE PREVENTION on dark background

Suicide Prevention: Help and Helplines

The topic, ‘Suicide Prevention’ is undoubtedly an elephant in the room. Though the stigma associated with openly talking about mental health issues have faded in recent years, the hesitation in discussing them is deep-rooted and continues to persist. Many people, rather than acknowledging the problems or issues they face, tend […]

Suicide Prevention: A Deep Dive into Suicide Statistics

Given the fact that this is Suicide Prevention Month, we have seen many posts on social media that aim at self-care and trivial help. However, there are very few posts that talk about the alarming numbers behind suicides all around the world. It is understandable that this is a sensitive […]

Is Social Media Toxic for Your Mental Health?

Scrolling through a social media feed can seem like a harmless part of daily life. However, toxic social media exists, and we may be doing a disservice to ourselves by letting it off easily. While we rarely recognize it, scrolling through our feeds is hardly the end-of-the-day-relaxation that it is […]

Social Media in 2020

The use (or abuse) of social media is as subjective and vast as it sounds. The objective of social media websites was to bring the world closer and make the world a better place to live in. Today, some of its creators might proudly say that they have succeeded in […]